The Cats


LostClan Camp Layout


Icestar: Pure white she-cat with frosty blue eyes.
App: (none)


Adderwind: Smoky black tom. Bright yellow eyes.
App: (none)

Medicine Cat-

Coralfern: white she-cat with pale orange and black patches. Sky blue eyes.
App: Bluepaw


Shadowfoot: jet black tom. Dark green eyes.
App: Thistlepaw

Stonesight: Big gray tabby tom. White back paws and blind blue eyes.
App: (none)

Stormcloud: Huge, dark gray tabby tom. White back paws and amber eyes.
App: Sweetpaw

Angelwing: Frosty white she-cat. Bright blue eyes.
App: Honeypaw

Flameclaw: handsome orange tabby tom. White paws and chest. Green eyes.
App: Leopardpaw

Sunflare: Beautiful golden-colored she-cat with a front white paw and locket. Bright blue eyes.
App: Gracepaw

Whitestream: white she-cat with light orange patches. Light blue eyes and a back black paw.
App: Mousepaw

Lightcloud: Dusty brown she-cat with white paws, face, and chest.
App: (none)

Crookedear: Peach coloured she-cat with green eyes and a crooked ear.
App: (none)

Bubblefur: Black she-cat with white spots and hazel eyes.
App: Tigerpaw

Sparknight: Black tom. White flecks of fur all over pelt and green eyes.
App: Frostkit

Rosepool: Pretty rose-colored she-cat with white paws, chest, and belly. Light green eyes.
App: (none)

Petalcloud: Rosie-red she-cat. White paws and locket. Blue eyes.
App: (none)


Bluepaw: Blue/gray she-cat with a white tail tip and piercing blue eyes. (Medicine cat apprentice)
Mentor: Coralfern

Sweetpaw: Small tortoiseshell she-cat. White paws, belly, chest, and tail tip. Hazel eyes.
Mentor: Stormcloud

Honeypaw: Pale orange she-cat. White patches, and hazel eyes.
Mentor: Angelwing

Tigerpaw: Light brown tabby she-cat. Frosty blue eyes.
Mentor: Bubblefur

Thistlepaw: Dark brown tabby tom with white paws, belly, and chest. Dark green eyes.
Mentor: Shadowfoot

Leopardpaw: Calico she-cat. Blue eyes.
Mentor: Flameclaw

Mousepaw: Gray tom. White paws and amber eyes.
Mentor: Whitestream

Gracepaw: Small black she-cat. White locket and blue eyes.
Mentor: Sunflare

Frostpaw: Silver tabby she-cat. White paws and locket. Blue eyes.
Mentor: Sparknight


Redcloud: darker red she-cat. Brown paws and blue eyes.
Kits: Brokenkit/Lavakit/Stormkit/Pheonixkit


Brokenkit: tortoishel and white she-kit. blue eyes.

Lavakit: Small calico she-kit. Green eyes.

Stormkit: Gray tom. White paws and amber eyes.

Pheonixkit: Red she-kit with orange/amber eyes.


Spottedclaw: Sweet, red-and-white she-cat. Black spots on claws and blue eyes.

* * *
* * *



Thunderstar: Huge black tom. White lightning bold on side. Blue eyes with a scar on the left eye.
App: Dragonpaw


Ravenshadow: Raven-black tom. Blue/green eyes and a battle scar on his flank.
App: (none)

Medicine Cat-

Leafmist: Orange she-cat. White paws and blue eyes. Blind in left.
App: Batpaw


Darktail: Brown tom with a black tail. Chocolate eyes.
App: Featherpaw

Poisonclaw: Large white she-cat. Black paws and large black claws. Violet eyes.
App: (none)

Thornfang: Dark tabby tom. Green/amber eyes.
App: Lightningpaw

Grassblade: Cream she-cat. Blue paws and blue eyes.
App: (none)

Lilyflower: Small cream she-cat. Chocolate eyes.
App: Reedpaw

Galaxyfur: Dark blue she-cat. White paws and blue eyes.
App: (none)

Waterheart: Blue tabby tom. Blue eyes.
App: Flowerpaw

Skyfall: Brown tabby tom
App: Smallpaw

Firelight: Fiery-ginger she-cat. Amber eyes.
App: Dewpaw

Sunstorm: Big ginger tom. Green eyes and white paws.
App: (none)

Silentsong: A quiet, light gray she-cat.
App: Eaglepaw


Batpaw: Brown tom. Brown eyes. (Medicine cat apprentice)
Mentor: Leafmist

Flowerpaw: Gray she-cat. Sky blue eyes.
Mentor: Waterheart

Dragonpaw: Black and ginger tom. Bright copper eyes.
Mentor: Thunderstar

Lightningpaw: White tom with black paws. Blue eyes.
Mentor: Thornfang

Featherpaw: Small silver tabby she-cat. Light blue eyes.
Mentor: Darktail

Dewpaw: Light ginger she-cat. White paws, chest and tail.
Mentor: Firelight

Eaglepaw: Brown and white tom with amber eyes.
Mentor: Silentsong

Smallpaw: Calico she-cat. Small paws and blue eyes.
Mentor: Skyfall

Reedpaw: Black tom. White paws and locket.
Mentor: Lilyflower


Ivyleaf: Black she-cat. White paws and dark blue eyes.
Kits: Redkit/Blackkit/Hawkkit


Redkit: Cream-colored tom. Red patches and blue eyes.

Blackkit: Black tom. Green eyes.

Hawkkit: Light brown tabby she-kit. Chocolate eyes.


Leopardash: Golden-colored she-cat. Black patches and paws. Amber eyes.

Lightstripe: Big cream she-cat with a single white stipe on her side.

* * *

* * *


Nightstripe: Dark brown tabby tom with white paws and green eyes.
Killed By: Murdered by Thunderstar.
Former Clan: LostClan

Skycloud: Tortoiseshell she-cat. Frosty eyes.
Killed By: unknown
Former Clan: LostClan

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