The History and Prologue


LostClan’s history begins with three groups of cats: DiamondClan, WaterClan, and CottonClan. All lived like the original warrior Clans: times of peace, but times of war. For many generations, the three Clans lived like this until one greenleaf. A great drought struck and a lot of cats died. Then a powerful storm brought dangerous floods. The original cats of DiamondClan that survived the drought knew of a place to shelter throughout the storm – underground. For many days, the cats lived in a system of tunnels. Warriors packed mud into the tunnel entrances to prevent water from coming into camp, apprentices had to learn on their own or were rarely trained by warriors, and the medicine cat had to cope with what she already had. Warriors rearely left camp to hunt for food that ventured out for its food. When the storm lifted, the cats of DiamondClan found out that almost all of the other cats had died. The survivors joined DiamondClan. Skycloud, the medicine cat at the time, had discovered the Starpool and had a dream. Her parents, littermate, and mentor had all visited her when she slept by the Starpool that night. They said: “Diamond is now lost.” And Skycloud carried the message back to Redstar, who then announced at the full moon – under the spirits of their ancestors – that: “DiamondClan, WaterClan, and CottonClan are no more. By the power in me and our ancestors, I now change the name of this Clan to LostClan.” And so began the story of how Lost was found…


Water flowed over a waterfall, several tail-lengths high. The waterfall feeds a small pool, reflecting the stars of Silverpelt and the half moon above.

A white she-cat with black and orange patches stepped into the clearing and padded up to the pool, her eyes gleaming.

A younger blue-furred she-cat followed her to the pool. “So this is the Starpool?” she asked.

The older cat nodded. “Yes, Bluepaw. This is where us medicine cats come to share tounges with our warrior ancestors.” She looked up to Silverpelt and the half moon. “StarClan, I present to you this apprentice. She is willing to walk the path of a medicine cat, and I call upon you to grant her your blessings.” looking over to Bluepaw, the medicine cat bekoned her forward with a wave of her tail.

Bluepaw gingerly stepped towards the pool. “But Coralfern, what do I do when StarClan visits me in my dreams?” She fretted.

Coralfern ignored her question. “Now, lay down here, and drink a few mouthfulls of-” she was cut off as the Starpool started to glow a bright blue.

Coralfern and Bluepaw froze, staring at the pool in horror. Gazing into the pool, Corafern saw two leaves – one orange and one white in the light – float on the surface towards one another.

Bluepaw’s eyes stayed on the pool as she spoke, “Coralfern, what-” Coralfern had slapped her tail over her apprentice’s mouth, and continued staring into the Starpool.

Another leaf – tinted blue in the light – had come to join the two. The surface of the water shimmered for a few heartbeats, then the light faded.

The wind blew, and a whisper hung in the air: “What was lost will soon be found, and along the path, there will come a third.”

“Bluepaw,” came Coralfern’s voice. “run back to camp as fast as you can, and don’t stop.” Coralfern bolted for the edge of the clearing, but Bluepaw was frozen to the spot. Running back to her, she fastened her teeth in her scruff, dragging her a few tail-lengths. “Come on!” she yowled and took off in the direction of camp.

Bluepaw followed her through the forest. “What happened, Coralfern?”

Coralfern didnt slow down to answer. “You were accepted by StarClan, don’t worry.” she reassured her apprentice.

Bluepaw relaxed a little. “But what was that light?”

“An omen. The omen in the pool told me that a great change will befall LostClan.”

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