Chapter 5

Honeypaw stared at Tigerpaw, surprise and disbelief flooding her hazel eyes. “Nightstripe is dead?” she repeated, her voice cracking.

Tigerpaw nodded slowly, her head still lowered in grief.

Looking around the clearing, Honeypaw noticed that almost every cat in LostClan was silent, either grooming Nightstripe’s fur or bowing their heads in respect. Thistlepaw was pacing back and fourth near the camp entrance. Honeypaw padded over to him. “Are you okay?” she asked her brother.

“No.” he growled. “I know who did this.”


“Nightsripe and I were out of camp near the old CottonClan border when we saw a group of cats across the river. One was a big black tom with a scar over his eye, a couple of warriors, and what looked like an experienced apprentice. They looked like they were scouting out the area here. As if they were settling here.” he meowed.

Honeypaw’s eyes grew wide. “So it was true…”

Thistlepaw stopped pacing and looked at her in confusion. “What was true?”

“Nothing.” she mewed. Honeypaw thought back to the dream. Skycloud said that Lost would be found.

Maybe Lost refers to LostClan!

Honeypaw padded over to her father’s body and touched her nose to his cold fur. “I will miss you.” she whispered.

She looked up to see her mother, her nose in her mate’s fur and murmuring her farewells.

It must be hard for her, losing her mate.

The cats of the Clan all drew back to the shadows; only Honeypaw, Thistlepaw,  Tigerpaw and Whitestream remained. Honeypaw layed there, her nose pressed into her father’s fur.

It seemed like moons until the moon rose in the sky. Spottedclaw appeared from her den and padded over to Nightstripe’s body. Whitestream, Honeypaw, Tigerpaw and Thistlepaw drew away. Adderwind and Stonesight came out of the warriors’ den and met Spottedclaw in the center of camp. The three layed Nightstripe accross their backs and carried the warrior out the North tunnel.

Icestar appeared from her den and jumped up onto Highrock. The LostClan cats came out of the shadows and sat, watching their leader as she spoke. “A noble warrior was lost today, and may StarClan recieve him freely and willingly. All of Nightstripe’s kin mourn for him,” she glanced down at Honeypaw. “And so will the rest of LostClan. Nightstripe-”

A cry of, “Wait!” rang clearly in the camp.

Honeypaw saw her brother stand up, his eyes narrowed, and his tail lashing. “I know what killed him!” he growled. Several gasps from the Clan met his words.

Honeypaw looked up at Icestar to see how she would react to Thistlepaw’s interuption, but the white cat’s eyes were calm. “Go on, Thistlepaw.” she meowed.

Thistlepaw nodded and continued, “Nightsripe took me out hunting near the old CottonClan border. I told him I scented cats, and then we saw them: about five of them were across the river One was a large black tom with a scar over his eye, a few warriors, and an apprentice followed him.” Thistlepaw glanced at Honeypaw and continued, “One of them must have scented us because they started bounding accross the stepping stones towards us. Nightstripe told me to run back to camp to get help, but I refused. We fought the cats, but I saw the big black tom kill Nightsripe, so I fled and hid in the branches of trees. I waited until the cats went away to bring Nightstripe back to camp.” Thistlepaw sat down after he finished.

Honeypaw looked up at Icestar, who blinked and flicked an ear. “Thank you, Thistlepaw, for that useful information.” she looked over the whole of the Clan. “I will lead a patrol to speak with this new Clan. Shadowfoot, Stormcloud, Stonesight, Sunflare, Thistlepaw and Sweetpaw will come with me. We leave at sunrise.” With that, Icestar lept down from Highrock and padded into her den. Thistlepaw looked over at his sisters and Honeypaw trotted over to him, Tigerpaw following her.

“Tell us everything when you get back.” Tigerpaw mewed.

“Yeah.” mewed Honeypaw. She looked up at the moon, which was almost at it’s height. “I’m going to sleep.” she told her littermates. She started towards the apprentices’ den.

Tigerpaw and Thistlepaw followed her to the den. “Us too.” mewed Thistlepaw. “It’s been a long day.” Tigerpaw added.

Honeypaw padded into the den and layed in her nest. She closed her eyes, and she waited for sleep to claim her.

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