Chapter 3

Honeypaw splashed through the shallows of the stream to the other bank. She kept her ears perked for another wail, and her mouth and nose open, following the blood scent.

Honeypaw could now make out a strong scent of fear in a bramble bush. The bush moved, and another wail came from it. Claws sliding out, Honeypaw looked under the brambles.

A kit!

Trapped and tangled in the brambles was a small, struggling silver tabby kit. It was caught in the brambles, her fur patched with blood.

Honeypaw’s claws slid back in, and she edged closer to the kit.

As the kit moved to get away from Honeypaw, the brambles that secured her wound tighter around her, making her wounds deeper.

Honeypaw slid a claw back out, and started to slice the brambles. ”Hold still, and I’ll get you out of here.” she was telling the kit. She looked up at Honeypaw through her terrified blue eyes.

Honeypaw could tell that the kit was calming down; her fear scent was slowly fainting.

Soon, the kit was free from the brambles, and she looked up at Honeypaw again. “Thank you.” she mewed.

Honeypaw nodded. “Part of the warrior code is to never neglect a kit in pain or danger.” she said proudly.

The silver tabby kit tipped her head. “Warrior code?”

“If you come back to my Clan, you can learn more about the Warrior Code and much more.” Honeypaw told her.

“Your Clan?”

“Yes. You can meet my Clanmates when we get there.” she picked up the kit by her scruff, and padded in the direction of camp.

* * *

As Honeypaw reached the entrance to camp,  she was greeted by the cheers of her Clanmates. “Sparknight! Rosepool! Petalcloud!”

Thistlepaw was the first to notice her as Honeypaw entered the camp clearing. He padded over to her. “Where have you been?” he meowed, concern and surprise in his voice.

Honeypaw set down the kit. She opened her mouth to explain, but Thistlepaw’s eyes widened at the kit. “What is that?” he asked, his mew now the start of a growl; hinted with anger and confusion.

“A kit. What does it look like? She was caught in a bramble bush, so I got her out.” Honeypaw told him, pride in her mew.

“Where have you been, Honeypaw?”

Honeypaw spun around to be looking at her mother and father. It was Whitestream that spoke, and Nightstripe was standing next to her, his eyes narrowed and fixed on the kit.

“You just missed a warrior ceremony for Sparknight, Rosepetal and Petalcloud. You had better have a good excuse for-”

She saw the kit, and her eyes stretched wide. “Where did you find her?” Whitestream questioned.

“She was caught in a bramble bush, and I saved her.” Honeypaw explained again.

The silver tabby kit shrunk in her fur as the eyes of Honeypaw’s Clanmates turned on her. Even Icestar looked over at the crowd begining to form near the entrance to the camp. She leaped down from Highbranch and shouldered her way through the crowd. “What is going on here?” she demanded.

Honeypaw looked around the camp, all eyes had turned on her now, and then she looked up at Icestar. Her ice blue eyes gleaming with authority.

The kit looked up at Honeypaw, and stepped closer to her. Honeypaw could feel her shaking in fear.

Icestar was still waiting for her answer, Honeypaw noticed, and somehow found the courage to speak for both her and the kit. “This kit got caught in a bramble bush, so I freed her and brought her back here.” she spoke with her head held high. The kit, who was now under her, had stopped shaking.

Icestar continued to look at Honeypaw, and she held her leader’s gaze. It felt like moons before she finally spoke. “She may stay.” she meowed. Honeypaw watched her leader as she padded away, and disappeared into her den.

The kit looked up at Honeypaw. “What now?” she asked as the crowd around the started to dispurse.

Whitestream stepped forward. “Now, we get you some food, and get you into the nursery.”

Nodding, Honeypaw picked up the kit and padded towards the nursery.

Thistlepaw had padded into the medicine den and emerged, followed by Coralfern and Bluepaw. Coralfern had a small bundle of herbs in her jaws. Thistlepaw then grabbed a mouse and followed Honeypaw, Whitestream, Coralfern and Bluepaw into the nursery.

Honeypaw set the kit down in the nursery, and Coralfern looked at her wounds and scratches. Sniffing the scratches, Coralfern wraped the wounds in cobwebs, and placed a herb in front of the kit. “Here. Eat these poppy seeds. They will help you sleep.”

The kit was hesitant at first, but licked up the seeds.

Lightcloud waved the kit over to her. “You can sleep in my nest, little one.” and the kit padded over to her. Then Lightcloud looked at Honeypaw. “Now all that’s left for her is a name.” she concluded.

Coralfern and Bluepaw had left the den, and Tigerpaw had entered in time to hear Lightcloud’s words. “How about-”

Whitestream cut her off. “I think that Honeypaw should name her. She did save her.” she meowed.

Thinking of a good name, Honeypaw tipped her head. Then as if carried on the faint breeze that passed through the den, the name was whispered in her ear. ”Frostkit,” Honeypaw announced. “Frostkit of LostClan.”

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